An Actors Life: Commercials
How many times have you seen a commercial where you remember the actor but not the product? It’s difficult to figure out where the problem lies (or even if there is a problem) and what is more important: to remember the product or remember the actor. I know what I’d like you to remember!!

Commercials are good ‘money-makers’ and can be fun to make if you have a lead role. Otherwise it’s about 2 hours of waiting time to a second of film time. Obviously a lot of time is spent on details and since their so short everything has to be just right from backgrounds and decor to lighting and camera angles.

I love the concept of making a story with a beginning, middle and an end in about 25 seconds. Most commercials nowadays have a fine sense of comedy and don’t take themselves too seriously which is definitely a good thing.

To see a few of the commercials I’ve worked on, click the icon:

Chip's Television Comercials
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