An Actors Life: Showreels
I run a business called Chip’s Clips. The creation of ShowReels for my fellow actors. It’s something I love to do and I do it well. I’ll take the best parts from your old VHS tapes, Mini DV’s or DVD’s and make you look very presentable.

The hard part is choosing your best shots. Sometimes your ‘best’ acting part is not with you in the center of the scene or there are too many other actors in the scene. Sometimes the lighting is bad or the sound really sucks! That’s where I come in...!

Serious actors usually have boxes full of their material. Most of the time there is only a small segment of them on the tape but we keep it because... it’s there... and we did it and we want it and we always try to get it... or we may have to ”send da boyz over for a ‘family’ visit”...

A ShowReel will illustrate like no resume can, what you are like as an actor. In the section on ShowReels you can watch some of the ShowReels I’ve created and learn more about what’s needed for your own ShowReel.

Here some of my older ShowReels…

Example Showreel: Chip Bray 90s Example Showreel: Chip Bray 2000
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"I have a wonderful make-up crew.
 They're the same people restoring
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