An Actors Life: Theatre
Having majored in Theatre at college, it’s always been close to my heart. I consider myself an actor by trade and love the immediate moment of a ‘live audience’. I spent 13 years traveling around Europe with an amazing comedy group called Pigeon Drop Comedy Company, performing original sketches to full-houses throughout Europe.

“One of the greatest comedy groups ever to grace the European stages. ” It’s a strong statement to make but it’s very true. We had our ‘heyday’ before the age of digital film.

From 1978-1989 we traveled around Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Holland, Austria, Denmark, England, Switzerland and the Eastern USA. Each border crossing meant a new public full of enthusiastic ‘Pigeon Drop fans’ and/or a complete very scary ‘shake-down’ by the border patrol!

I have hundreds of Pigeon Drop tapes shot in dark, atmospheric theatres throughout Europe. Still funny after all these years!

Just recently I’ve digitized some of our 25 year old collection Pigeon Drop of VHS tapes. Remember VHS??
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Chip Bray  
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"How many actors does it take to
 change a light bulb?
 One hundred.
 One to change the bulb, and
 ninety-nine to say: I could have done that."

Norm Crosby