Chip Bray on Camera: Industrials
An industrial film is anything that isn't broadcast on television, narrowcast on cable, and the people who see it didn't pay to get into a theater to watch it. They can be any length or size and can serve your specific needs better than other mediums.

Industrial films are a creative way of promoting ‘in-house’ products. For an actor/writer it poses an appealing challenge to keep the product as the main focus.

Charles Bray Chip Bray considers this his main work as he writes, translates and acts in all kinds of industrial films. It’s a great opportunity to use the different characters that he has created in order to promote someone else’s products.

Probably more than in any other multimedia, industrial films demonstrate the real breadth, depth, and creativity available in Chip Bray. Many companies have enjoyed his extraordinarily productive work.

In order to make a Show Reel using your 'precious' hours and hours and even more hours of ‘Industrial Film’ material means that that, you really have to ‘kill your darlings’... “Cut, cut and cut some more”... Don't be afraid to keep cutting...

Here is a ‘short’ mixture of ‘hours’ of industrial films edited by Chip...
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