Chip Bray on Camera: Television
Television is a very accessible medium that offers a variety of opportunities for actors.

Lee M Ross As an American actor living in the Netherlands Chip Bray is usually cast as ‘The English speaking Foreigner’ or as the ‘Dutch Speaking Foreigner with an accent’.

Chip Bray has appeared in many Dutch television series, ranging from the serious soaps such as ‘GoedeTijdenSlechteTijden’ (Good Times Bad Times), ‘Onderwegnaar Morgen’ (On the Way to Tomorrow) and ‘Goudkust’ (Gold Coast) to drama and comedies like ‘Meiden van de Wit’ (Woman from the White) and ‘Toen was Geluk heel Gevoon’ (Dutch version of ‘The Honeymooners’).

Below you will find a compilation of clips that Chip Bray has played on Dutch TV.
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"Television is a medium because
 it is neither rare nor well done."

Ernie Kovacs