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After touring for 13 years throughout Europe, Chip made his home in Amsterdam and became very active in the theater scene. He performed his one man show ‘Mr. Monday Night’, at the Lido in Amsterdam during the summer of 1993, creating some of the characters he still keeps alive today.
Dimitra Kassari
Improvisation became a big part of Chip’s life since the 90’s working with such groups as ‘Lavine’ (avalanche) Theater in Rotterdam, ‘Blind Date’ in Amsterdam as well as guest spots with ‘Easy Laughs’ and ‘Problem Solved’ from Amsterdam.

Having been a sketch comedy artist for so long always lugging around the props, costumes, sets, PA systems and Mixers, Chip found improvisation an easier if not ‘lighter’ way to be funny!

Here are various clips from the 1993 LIDO Show ‘Mr. Monday Night’ Notice all the props and costumes!!
LIDO Show   Spanish TV Show  
Chip Bray  
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"Some comedians love their characters.
 I don't fall in love with mine.
 In fact, I get tired of them very fast.
 You have to be willing to throw it all away."

John Belushi