Chip Bray on Stage: Pigeon Drop
Pigeon Drop Comedy Company began in 1976 in Amsterdam, Holland and entertained hundreds of thousands of people for 13 glorious years.
Rick Parets
With a 4-piece band, two technicians and three comedians Pigeon Drop performed original sketches to major theatres throughout Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Holland, Austria, Denmark, Great Britain, Switzerland and parts of the US.

Here are some classic moments from Pigeon Drop Comedy Company…
Pigeon Drop - Bakers   Pigeon Drop   Pigeon Drop - Classical Musicians   Pigeon Drop - Daves   Pigeon Drop - Daves   Pigeon Drop - School  
Pigeon Drop 1983 / 2007  
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"What is comedy? Comedy is the art of making
 people laugh without making them puke."

Steve Martin