An Actors Life: Auditions
Auditions usually take a lot more time than they’re worth. I love trying out for a part and/or developing a new role with a director who knows what he’s doing. Unfortunately most of ‘my auditions’ in Holland consist of me saying my name, telling what I’ve done, showing my hands and then doing the proverbial ‘profile’.

After I do auditions I completely forget about them and get on with my ‘extremely busy’ actors life. That way if I get the job it’s like a big surprise! Most of the times they ‘forget’ to call you back if you don’t get the job which is ‘most of the time’. Very rarely do you ever find out why you didn’t get the job. If you do it’s usually ‘via via’.

Recently, I had heard ‘via via’ that I didn’t get a job for a ‘business-man-looking’ role because I looked too much like a ‘porno actor’ …according to the client!

Occasionally during auditions you’ll get a real scene to do with a well thought out format and constructive criticism. Those are enjoyable and I don’t mind spending the time and effort involved in the process. One of my favorite Dutch Casting directors who does just that is André Sjouerman.
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"An actor's a guy who,
 if you ain't talking about him,
 he ain't listening."

Marlon Brando